Papa and me...
Papa and me...


I was in subway near IDECAF Le Tanh Ton.. one old man and me alone here...wait drink coffee. 2 old men.. so like before the end... Ambiance so like sad. Nothing to hope.

Suddently, one famiy wit a little girl come

me and the another old man smile when we see the little girl

so pure, so frech so young so innocent.

Yes young age is a treasure. We need keep innocence, we need protect children always..

I don't unterstand people when they talk about war and fight with another...because we need only look a litle girl, and our heart become sweet. no ? Never i unterstand TV when we look war around the world. Because people wait for this, people wait and say. oh war is far no problem.. but always they are children here...Always we need turn off the tv and talk with another and just say. no war, accept another people, accept another culture, never search bad feeling with another people. Accept our difference and talk about love, this is our way. No ?