Many times people ask me How many time you stay in vietnam or so what ?

The more easy is talk about me here... I am French.

I was born in France. It was in 1967..

Who is Florent Chaudemanche photographer

I live in Vietnam since 02/2012. 

My wife is french. she is music teacherin french school

I have 3 childrens with me here in Sai Gon at home.

everybody speak french and go in school near my home... click here

district 9 TP HO CHI MINH

Just look my work in Vietnam here

May be i can explain why i like so much Vietnam since the first day.

I remember when i was a young boy.

i live here in this village in France. here

It all begins with my grandmother.
She tells me everything.
the respect
The rural world
Hard life
The link with the family
The proximity in village life.

all i need to unterstand Vietnam today.

I  love my hometown, but when it was time for find work no way for stay here... i need go outside and i discover what is the world.. so sure i want to explain why i love so much Vietnam, but before i just need talk about my life before.

I was a bad schoolboy, even if i meet great teacher so like Monique Stalens. She teach Theater with me in school

5 years every week and every week end i follow her daughter Juliette Binoche.

At this time i listen and learn all from Monique. She give me books and advices. I will become an actor.

on the beginning i was I was conscientious objector...but what is this sentence...

yes at this time if you don't want go in A military barracks, become a An officer to learn how to kill people.

If you think that in france at this time, you can become a civil partner for your country.

not 1 year but 2 years. because you are punished... you are a bad boy, you need work more.

I meet here François Hardy and Francois DUBOIS a great man. He dye just later, accident, but i work many with him in NGO UCPS...

At the same time i learn photography with my teacher Gerard Beneton in this area  Le club photo de Lamotte Beuvron

I work hard because everybody around me work hard. 

I become a slave in the mass distribution. I work 80 hours a week and I am paid only 39 hours ... I am tired, I always have back pain and I am given more work. They tell me. You were a good leader before, you become mediocre.

I meet a young woman at the same time... she work hard too. 

we find a good job in Meursault in little shop just here - 

Always i take picture with my PENTAX K1000, my first old friend.

Love become sad, i come back Vendôme old pictures black and white, sad and dirty. And i meet my wife. She was music teacher at this time.

Always photo with silver old camera... at this time we travel many time... New york just after the World trade center drama it was in october 2001.. I take many many photo, but all in cartoon in France.

We were in Greece look the old  Parthénon in Athéne under snow and beautiful island so like SANTORIN. I have keep some picture on my facebook here.

We were in  Turkey, people were so happy and kind and nice. When i know today war is just near i am so sad.

After that I live with my family in MArtinique. here.. wow, so many souvenirs here. photo here too

But at this time my old camera was dirty and the new digital camera too expansive.

I have keep some pictures, but not really good work.

We come back live all the family in ROYAT just near this house. Cold but happy... i would like become A mountain guy

at this time i was a seller... Of textbooks i discover department every day with my car. here 

at this time i meet teacher very day. i discover school with another kind meaning.

I love read, and i hope become a teacher one day.

All the family go in MOOREA during the year 2004 - here

pictures. Great souvenir with young babies on the sand beach... 


music here.

No more i can see beautiful country so like this. I think about this at this time.

We come back with all family in Clermont Ferrand but with babies here, it was not good idea stay here.

But we love Clermont Ferrand every sunday morning you can go in the center of the city and find Antiques, crafts

We move quick in the great village - CEYSSAT. This area is wonderful Cold and difficult in the beggining, but  infact best friends are here today.

At this time we travel many in ANDALOUSIA.. picture here... Seville,  A nice city, full of ART and history.

It was only for travel but great souvenirs.

After that all the family go in Mayotte...because this island is really nice and people are really kind. Kind ? yes but nobodywant take picture with me... but day after day i find the way for take picture.

Beautiful island sure I like so much look women here but i can not take picture, they don't want. only one day for a show in the countryside.

Another day during a big party. The race of the tires I was so happy this day.

Travel around in Rodrigues and Maurice island

come back and travel in France. so like Britain.

I will try to share picture more about travel here.

But it was the time before Vietnam.

I need create an another page for explain, why i come one day in Vietnam,

why i fall in love and why i stay here since february 2012. Follow me here.