Dream, what can dream a man in this terrible word. Dream about Power or money, may be dream about celebrity. Yes 50 % young people dream about become famous. more 76 % young people dream about become rich.. with a big car and a splendid house.

This is human. Close to the desire to be born of nature. Therefore weak, thus becoming strong and protecting itself from the enemy. I can unterstand this... become dominant male for a man is more natural. Women like this also. Natural... But may be we can dream about love. find indeep what is really love and become a better lover. Because yes, it's easy to unterstand. our heart need love for create social and intimity true life. true, true, virtual or not, if you feel love, you can hope more, you can become positiv, you can find the way for this big highway... feeling good... So never forget to be true and more indeep your love when you are in love. Yes my dream, become better.

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