All around the world today we can find toilets.. Toilets for sitting... or sometimes if we are lucky we find urinals area...At this time, sure no need ask question You stand and you piss. But when you are by friends home and you need go quick and fast pee... If you are a man, many time you find here toilets where it's possible to sit or if you can not sit, you stay stand up, and yes you are a good man. You raise the bezel. But do you know how dirty you are even if you do that... yes, just clean your can one day and you unterstand. One day i have an accident. I need stay with a plaster around the back for 3 months... Impossible to stay stand up... always i need to sit for piss... At this time i unterstand. 

You piss standing with the urinals and you sit like the girls when you have a toilet seat. Obvious, but in this world of macho, we piss standing because we are a man ... weak.
Even if you have testicles, you can piss sitting on toilet seats ...
It is easy to understand.
Seat - sitting
Urinal - standing.
Each father and mother must learn this from their son. no ?

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