Spirit of Vietnam is a page special with good feeling and good vibes

I hope create something good for discover Vietnam when you are foreigner and you don't have any idea about this fabulous country. But at the same time i would like say thank you when you write me, because you are Vietnamese and you say. Thank you Florent for your love about my country.

But, i am shy, because i need to say thank you every day.

Yes when i am a little beat sad, i need to go take picture in the street and always i come back with a large smile. Why ? Because Vietnam is Awesome, Vietnam is Beautiful.

I want say that... Vietnam is awesome one more time when you are Vietnamese in blood and foreigner in USA or France.

I wouldlike so much create an exhibition with Vietnamese photographer about this country.

everyone give one picture.

We need find company for support us and print all photos

And create an exhibition in France, In USA... and and Sell photos for orphenage NGO.

Yes a big dream. If you want help me, sure feel free and write me here

Thank you