My hope is my future, the meaning for my work tomorrow. I write this for you Thuy Duong, but why i write this here, because we can find another people for work with us.

Just we share this topic, this page here.

My work with this artistic way is not a secret, everybody can follow me, i don't care about paste and copy. Nobody can do what i want so like my meaning.

Really i don't know if i can do what i want before cross the death, but i know this is an emergency.

I ride fast for write this and i think in myself, no need to run fast and to be busy all the time, no ! Really.

Just do not lose our time for work.

Yes, this is the meaning

work before cross the death.

This is an artistic way, so difficult for explain, because creation, need to become real and i can just give you the big road. Yes we can talk about Big Road in my project.