May be you need to click here, and may be never nobody need to come here.

Because rider of the storm for discover in deep your soul... what ?

A monster, The person you hate the most.
The most selfish
The most demonic
One that does not want to take the time
To open his soul for the common cause
So the monster in your body can turn bright red.

Yes you know what i mind... you and yourself are in the mindle and nobody look really inside yur soul how you are in pain.

Then why give for others
Why look for the good
When evil devours you.

Even the best
Even the saint
Even the good, looks in the mirror of honor
Is found his stature so ridiculous.
Of course there is one who does not doubt anything
The one who is strong is showing his posture, his dominance throughout the world.
This power is repugnant and I am not talking about that.
No I'm talking about you
Symbol of humility, kindness
You who have an admirable image, but who do not love the truth.
This truth that burns the heart, the body, in the smallest passage.
Of abandonment.
Why and how to abandon this monster that is in you ...
to give. Give what ? For who ? Just click here if you want