Always the same question. How old are you ? Why do you stay here ? Your wife Vietnamese ? 

Why do you love Vietnam ? How many time you live in Vietnam ?

End 2011 my wife don't want teach anymore in France... She looking for a job everywhere around the world.

we try and look around Los ANGELES, Houston in USA..but my heart was not attracted.

New york was wonderful but living in Huston, never i can...!!!

Some places in AFRICA.. but with young babies, it was a little bit dangerous.

Le CAIRE Egyptia. Nice but many news Of women raped. War here in 2012...

And one day my wife tell me. and why not Vietnam...

WOW, oh yes, i was one day in Thailand, long time ago, it was amazing travel.

Oh yes...

We sell, we abandon everything.
Naked take our 3 children and we fly for vietnam.
I leave my work in France. My wife takes a replacement job at LFI DURAS TP HCM VIETNAM.

evrybody say we are absolutly mad...

but Our first impressions were magnificent... I find my first picture here in Saigon.

14/02/2012 - 05.17 a.m- funny but th epicture is not good.

i was in the street Lý Tự Trọng - here

we find a room just here

and our life begin in Vietnam. Everybody don't care abou this, but may be i write this for me.

Because, you know, I have a big fault.
I am nostalgic
I love torturing my memory.

I was born 23 september 1967. In France.

My wife is french and i live in district 9.

I live in Vietnam because my wife is music teacher in French school.

And now why i love so much Vietnam.

A real shock, so like i become young another time.

All  remember my life when i was young in my village.

Ok Sai Gon is no more a village, but in 2012, the spirit in the street , the philosophy was so like my young age.

Respect with everyone... more respect with the family, with old people...

And at the same time - energy... many many young people. Funny. .. sexy, yes this city is really In a lively and powerful awakening.

I think that on the beginning.

I think SAigon become modern... but later i unterstand, Saigon was always modern, from always Saigon is the same in history. Old people say that. Saigon was the first city in all south asia before the last war.

SaiGon become TP HCM and the spirit is always the same.

Storms and wars can pass over Saigon, the dragon in its belly always resuscitates and becomes more and more powerful. Nothing to do, this city will always be under the force of the dragon.

People ask me if i can speak Vietnamese ?

No, i speak only english with everybody. just i speak some words vietnamese in the street. the market. Always the same, but i can unterstand sometimes... i speak french with people and my hands... and people answer me vietnamese. so yes communication is easy with me... no need speak vietnamese... may be it's more magical for me...because i am only the foreigner. And Vietnamese people like western so like me... and i am funny and tall, so everybody say.... kawa.. and all the time we laugh about me so like a giant... and yes i understand sometimes. I laugh with them together.