I dream, But i know we can do that.

I wish to create an exhibition with the photographers of Vietnam to run this in different cities in France.

Try to connect me with  Vietnamese communities .. say that this country is still their country with beautiful values.

If i can sail picture here, at this time i want give out for orphenage NGO around Sai Gon...

Si vous êtes Français, voici une page en Français ici

If you know a photographer, talk with him because i need his work. Just one photo. he give us one photo with this THEMA

Thema - Vietnam miss you

Each photographer give me one picture and we buid an exhibition.

I have work a connection with Vietnamese community in france. Just show in France our work here and talk about this great country - VIETNAM.

A the same time i need find one or several sponsor for help us. Buy Printing frame photos. And the organization of the tour for the exhibition. We create a great publicity for compagny in France, in Vietnam

If we sell photos, all money Will be redistributed in orphenage NGO here in Vietnam.