First my mother language is french, and i need to speak french for explain the way i want to take. It's always more easy speak french for me. But, i think, if you want to know more about me, you can write me and ask questions ? You need write me click here.

But i live in vietnam - It's wonderful because this is necessary to write in english, because all friends speak english.

I am zero with vietnamese language. So sorry.

Yes my english is not good, but i prefer talk about ideas...more. Because i don't care about the gramatical question.... I prefer to talk about question in the background. indeep my soul, your soul can unterstand me...and this is what i need.

I have no money for create a marketing team and create a conventionnal website.

This is the reason my website is different.

In the beginning i would like create something so like everyone... because i am a shatterbox, A talkative and many time it's confused if you don't know me.

What i want ? What i do ? What is my way ?

Exactly the good question... What is my work.

Promote culture. Not only Vietnamese or French Culture.

Just think about you and what do you know ?

Knowledge, you have. this is your treasure... At this time you know all this is nothing if you die tomorrow... Share with me.

if you don't have knodledge about Culture ... 2 ways ! You don't care about this... second way, you are curious.

You want create a business ?

You need only become active, but how we can do ?

So many question.

I can not do all, and i would like do more. I have no time and i need work for earn a salary. Time is money and i have no time.

The more i become old, the more time is precious.

My work here is opposite marketing ... My work here is just my shatterbox, and so like a dressmaker, a tailor, i try to do my best for you and for me. What is my best ?